The New twist on Laser Tag. We bring the game to wherever you are. Laser Chaser uses state-of-the-art touchscreen gloves that allows anyone to strap on the unit and battle like a superhero anywhere.

Each game comes with:

  • pop-up hero theme barriers
  • music/speakers
  • staff to run your party or event,
  • and light projectors for indoor games.

Each glove has 3 superhero powers built in that give you special abilities per round. I also carry full insurance.

This game is all about speed and team work. Work with your team as you try to score the most colour points as you can before you run out of time. This high tech game uses multi colour disks on cones plus a digital smart score clock. Extreme fun!!!


  • Staff to run your party or event,
  • Light projectors for indoor games.
  • 10 cones plus digital score clock.
  • Can be done inside or outside.
  • Multiple games and variations can be played.

Our home party comes with 8 gloves, and is recommended for up to 8 players. (more players can play, but will be on a rotation). Each Laser Chaser party lasts 1 hour, and comes with everything seen in the video above. Each additional hour added on is $150. Larger events are possible. For pricing, please contact Joe directly at the email or phone number listed below.

How far do our gloves fire?

Our gloves reach 500 feet outdoors and 1000 feet indoors

What surface is best to play on?

Open area grass fields or parks are perfect, cement floors/gyms work well too. We do not recommend asphalt as it is a rough service. We need a space that has no obstacles or items that players can trip over.

What ages?

6 and up.

 What does each party include?

Each game comes with pop-up hero theme barriers, music/speakers, staff to run your party or event, and light projectors for indoor games.

 Do your gloves work during daytime and night?

Yes, any time of day works, with our high tech sensors built into each glove, our games can be played whenever, wherever.

 What about bad weather?

While we do not wish bad weather to happen, we live in Alberta. Our gloves can work in light rain or wind as long as players are comfortable. If it looks like bad weather we are more than happy to reschedule or offer you one of other entertainment services like The Joe Show.

 What game options are there?

Our gloves can be changed between 2 game options of Single Players or Teams.

 What do I have to do as a parent?

We want this to be easy and stress-free for you. Again all of our games come with staff to run and explain the rules. This allows you to relax, take photos/videos or focus on your party/guests.